Captain Jeanne Rubin - US Navy (Retired) - WWII

Captain Jeanne Grushinski Rubin retired form Nurse Corps United States Navy reserve in 1978. Jeanne Grushinski enlisted on November 3, 1942 in USNH in Philadelphia, PA as Ensign. Her decision to enlist was prompted by news of attack on Pearl Harbor and opportunity to serve the country that accepted her immigrant parents and also provided her with an education. She was commissioned as Lieutenant Junior Grade after training at USNH Pensacola, FL and USNH San Leandro, CA. She served in Pacific War Theater on Island of Okinawa in USN Fleet Hospital # 116 and on Island of Saipan at the Base Dispensary. She was promoted to Lieutenant Senior Grade. After return from Pacific War Theater she served at USNH Brooklyn, NY. Since military establishment did not allowed married women to serve, she had to resign her commission in 1948 after 5 years and 4 ½ months of service in US Navy Nurse Corps. Jeanne Grushinski joined the US Navy Reserve as soon as she was allowed to do so and serve with distinction until her retirement in 1978 in rank of US Navy Captain.

Captain Jeanne Grushinski Rubin was awarded following decorations: World War II Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal, Discharge Button and Honorable Service Lapel Pin. Jeanne Grushinski Rubin is member of Navy Nurse Corps Association, American Holistic Nurses Association, Reserve Officers Association, Naval Reserve Association, Retired Officers Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Polish Legion of American Veterans, USA, World War II Memorial Charter member, National WW II Museum and Veterans Administration Volunteer Services.

Jeanne Grushinski Rubin studied at Bellevue School of Nursing and became Registered Nurse and furthers her education at New York University and Columbia University. She also participated in special summer programs sponsored by Kent State University, Jagiellonian University and other educational institution to expend her knowledge.
Jeanne Grushinski Rubin worked as Registered Nurse and Assistant Director of Nurses at Bellevue Hospital in New York. After retiring from her professional life she became involved in community organizations as volunteer and dedicated advocate for veterans and civilians. One of important programs she participated in was US – China Study of Acupuncture. She joined Elderhostel organization to help with different projects all over the US and abroad to help people in all walks of life. She participated in over 75 Elderhostel special projects which included service learning schools on Midway Island, USS Missouri Memorial and USS Lexington to mention just the few. Number of Elderhostel programs involved teaching English language to both young and adults in Poland, Italy and Bolivia in addition to cross cultural exchanges in India and many different locations.
Jeanne Grushinski Rubin is member of American Red Cross since 1941 and served as a nurse during severe weather disasters in many places, but especially in Dade County after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. She is still Red Cross staff member at shelters during emergencies. She volunteers at the VA Clinic in Sunrise, a part of Miami VA Healthcare System and received numerous awards for her efforts including President’s Volunteer Service Award, Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Certificate, Polish Legion of American Veterans Voluntary Service Award Certificate plus numerous others from civic organizations, Broward County and State of Florida.
Jeanne Grushinski Rubin is a widow of Dr. Martin Rubin DDS, who served in US Army during WWII in Europe. Dr. Rubin took part in D-Day Invasion in Normandy and was recipient of Bronze Star.