Chief Master Sergeant Charles LeCroy - USAF (Retired) - Tallahassee, FL

Summary of Education and Training Accomplishments Military Education and Training:
  • Symptoms and Procedures Analysis
  • Organizational Planning
  • NCO Academy
  • Statistical Services Operation
  • Statistical Specialist
  • Rapid Reading Course
  • Basic Programming
  • Computer Programming
  • Automated Data Processing
  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  • Data Systems Analysis Design Course
  • Military Justice
  • Officer Candidate
  • Personnel Principles
  • Classification Specialist

Civilian College:

  • 1950 Began courses at the University of Alabama while stationed at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL, earned 3 semester hours.
  • August 1957 – August 1960 Earned 39 Semester hours via the Florida State University Extension Program while assigned to the University of Puerto Rico
  • August 1960 – August 1961 completed one course while at Shaw AFB, Sumter SC
  • August 1961 – July 1966 Assigned to Langley AFB. Attended numerous schools of instruction that related to his duties. Attended College of William and Mary Extension at Langley AFB.
  • July 11, 1966 – January 28, 1967 Attended the University of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska on “Operation Boot Strap.” Graduated January 28, 1967 with a Bachelor of General Studies.

Chief Master Sergeant Charles LeCroy completed his college degree while on active duty in the Air Force. This speaks volumes of his initiative and desire to become a more valuable asset to his family, country and the United States Air Force. Sgt. LeCroy was promoted to the rank of CMSGT in less than 20 years.

Summary of Professional and Employment History

  • Chief Master Sergeant, United States Air Force 1947 – July 1969.

                    1947 – 1961 Personnel Supervisor
                    1961 – 1962 Personnel Inspector
                    1962 – 1966 Personnel Systems Analyst and Technical Advisor 
                    1967 – 1969 Personnel Superintendent

Employment after the Military Service

  • 1969 – 1979: Counselor National Non-Commissioned Officers Association, 
  • 1979 -1985: Superintendent Bay County, FL Solid Waste Department,
  • 1985 – 1995: Supervisor of Commodities, Code Enforcement, and Planning and Zoning Gadsden County, FL, Board of County Commissioners.

Summary of Nominees’ Advocacy on Behalf of Veterans

Membership in Veterans Service Organizations: American Legion, VFW, and Disabled American Veterans

American Legion

Sgt. LeCroy has been a member of the American Legion since 1995. As a member he has served in all officer positions in the Post and has served five (5) times as Post Commander of Post 13. As the Commander he was responsible for a great increase of membership. He personally was responsible for obtaining a grant from the County Commissioners to modernize and remodel the Post building. He was a strong and very powerful advocate for homeless veterans. He posted his name and telephone number on the front door of the Legion Hall in order for homeless veterans to call him day or night for assistance. Many times, Sgt. LeCroy would arrive at the American Legion Post to open, and would find needy and hungry veterans awaiting his arrival in order to obtain assistance. I know that Sgt. LeCroy would many times take veterans to the local McDonald’s on cold mornings and purchase food for them and then assist them in getting to a Service Officer for more permanent assistance. He is a humanitarian of the highest order. In addition to the thousands of volunteer hours which he has spent working as the Commander of the American Legion Post #13, he was elected to serve as the District 2 Commander of the Florida State American Legion consisting of all American Legion Posts in the counties of the Big Bend area of the State. In that capacity, he once again was responsible for greatly increasing the morale and membership in his District. He constantly requested that all Posts stress and give full attention to the Aid and Assistance of our veterans and their families in need. District 2 received seven major awards as a result of his dynamic leadership. Sgt. LeCroy then became the American Legion Department of Florida, Western Area Commander, which includes all American Legion Posts from Tallahassee to Pensacola, FL. Once again, all Posts within the Western Area flourished under his dynamic leadership.

Florida Veterans Foundation – 2008/2010

Sgt. LeCroy, not being content with his service to the veterans in the Big Bend Area in the American Legion, he was selected by the Florida Veterans Foundation for service as a volunteer Deputy District Director of District 1. He was then selected as the District Director of District One (1) which began with his appointment in 2010. The Florida Veterans Foundation has been the recipient of many accolades as a result of his superior service and contributions to his fellow veterans and their families in this most responsible position.

As a District Director, he is responsible for the coordination of emergency assistance to veterans and their families for a vast area of operation stretching from Lake City, Florida to the Alabama line west. He is responsible for providing coordination between the Florida Veterans Foundation and all Veterans’ Service Organizations, VA, and civic organizations in his designated area, and ensures the mission of the Florida Veterans Foundation is understood by the many organizations in regards to available emergency support to the veterans and their families within the confines of District One (1). In this capacity as a Deputy Director and District Director, he has exceeded all expectations, and in this time frame, hundreds of veterans and their families have received assistance as a result of his professionalism and caring attitude of “leave no veteran behind”. 

A couple of examples are as follows:

The Foundation was notified of a disabled father who was rated at 100% by the VA with chronic PTSD raising two (2) young children by himself in a rented home. He could not pay his rent, he had no food, the electricity had been shut off that day, and the water was being turned off the next day. It was very cold with no heat in the house; he had only one small bed and the children were sleeping on the floor. This occurred four days before Christmas 2014. When Mr. LeCroy learned of their situation, he very quickly obtained the veterans DD-214 to establish veteran’s status. Within one hour, the electricity was turned on, the water company was contacted and arrangements were made to not have the water turned off. Mr. LeCroy drove several hours to arrive at the veterans’ home with food, clothing, and bedding for the children. The next day, he provided more clothing, bedding, furniture (including beds), toiletries, and Christmas presents for the children. Mr. LeCroy provided a limited amount of emergency financial assistance to the veteran and most importantly he arranged for financial counseling for the veteran. This veteran is now leading a productive life and is taking care of his children. They are doing well in school and he is serving as a volunteer coach in baseball and football in his town. The Foundation (Mr. LeCroy) still keeps in touch with the veteran and the veteran is now in a position that he wants to become a volunteer worker with the Foundation. All of the above was accomplished without involving local authorities.

Mr. LeCroy was notified by the daughter of an elderly veterans’ widow who was in the last stages of her life. Her last wish was that a very large cedar tree in her yard – which was planted by her late veteran husband – be provided with lights and decorations for Christmas. Mr. LeCroy drove to the town where the widow resided, assessed the situation after talking to the daughter and widow, and determined that the tree decoration would require in excess of 2,000 lights plus a multitude of decorations. The Foundation provided the lights and decorations, but most of all, Mr. LeCroy determined that a large personnel power lifter would be required for the job due to the height of the tree. Mr. LeCroy contacted a company who had a personnel power lifter and explained the situation to them. The company agreed to furnish the personnel power lift at no cost. The tree was beautifully decorated, and a veteran’s widow had a joyful last Christmas on this earth, thanks to the caring and compassion of Sgt. LeCroy.

While Sgt. LeCroy was the Commander of the American Legion Post #13 in Tallahassee, FL, he was notified by the Florida Veterans Foundation that an elderly WWI1 disabled veteran was a patient in the hospital with a very serious heart condition and was to be released from the hospital within 72 hours. However, the veteran needed a wheelchair ramp installed before he could return to his home. The Foundation informed Sgt. LeCroy that they had inspected the home and found it to be in very poor condition with the steps rotten and falling apart. Mr. Haynes of the Florida Veterans Foundation had inspected the home with the County Building Inspector and determined the home needed a new set of steps and a porch as well as a wheel chair ramp. Mr. LeCroy and the Foundation found a contractor who would pull a building permit and perform the construction at no cost for labor. Sgt. LeCroy, as the commander of the American Legion Post 13, agreed to pay one half of the cost of the material with the Foundation and VFW paying the other half. Due to the caring and compassionate attitude of Mr. LeCroy, this job was completed within 72 hours and the elderly veteran was able to enter his home safely upon his release from the hospital.

The above examples are just a few of the daily examples of the love and affection expressed by Sgt. LeCroy for his fellow veterans and their families while serving as a member of the American Legion and the Florida Veterans Foundation in Tallahassee. It is impossible to express in writing all of the things that this veteran has accomplished for his fellow veterans, thousands of hours of his own time have been dedicated and thousands of dollars of his own funds have been expended, providing assistance to his fellow veterans.

Nominee’s Civic Activities and Contributions
a. Civilian: 32nd Degree Mason
b. Member of the Masonic Shrine

Award and Honors
Meritorious Service Medal – 3 Awards
Air Force Commendation Medal – 10 Awards Air Force Good Conduct Medal – 11 Awards
The above decorations are powerful examples of his exemplary service to his Country while serving in the United States Air Force.

Written Narrative: By Major John Haynes “Nominator”

As a member of the inaugural class selected to the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame, Class of 2013,1 am indeed honored to nominate Chief Master Sergeant Charles LeCroy for induction into the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame. He is indeed worthy of this high honor as a result of his total commitment to his fellow veterans and their families. His service has been above and beyond the call of duty.

Eighty Five year old Chief Master Sergeant LeCroy is a patriot extraordinaire with a proven lifelong record of service to his county, the state of Florida, Leon County, the City of Tallahassee and most importantly, his fellow man.

A decorated Vietnam veteran with 22 years in the U.S. Air Force, he attained the highest enlisted grade possible, where he was emulated by countless subordinates and peers throughout his exemplary military career. He is indeed an Airman’s Airman.

His is also a veteran’s veteran in the State of Florida. When we think of a totally committed veteran, we think of Chief Master Sergeant Charles LeCroy. His record of achievement in providing aid and assistance to our less fortunate veterans might be matched but will never be exceeded.

Mr. LeCroy consistently demonstrates an untiring devotion in promoting the welfare of needy and underprivileged veterans through numerous visits to hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and in-home visits to ill and disabled veterans, many times putting his own medical issues on the back burner in order to better serve his comrades.

For the past several years. Commander LeCroy has organized and planned a large Memorial Day event at the City of Tallahassee’s Oakland Cemetery where about 160 local veterans are buried. He was also instrumental in organizing the current Veterans Day Parade in Tallahassee, Florida which is attended by thousands, and is promoting positive attitudes toward our veterans and local veteran organizations.

He has assisted countless younger veterans regarding educational and health benefits, allowing for a smoother transition to civilian life. With compassion and concern for each individual, he has continued to help older and ailing veterans with their health issues through education and coordination with medical administration at the Veterans Clinic in Tallahassee.
In my 25 years as a Veteran Service Officer working on a daily basis to counsel and provide assistance to our veterans and their families, I know of no living man or woman that has contributed more to our veterans cause than this all American veteran. I would be very happy to appear before the selection committee to discuss this nomination if it is desired. I would consider it an extreme honor to stand side by side with this outstanding Veteran in the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame.

Because Chief Master Sergeant Charles LeCroy currently serves as District 1 Director for the Florida Veterans Foundation, I am respectfully requesting that Mr. LeCroy be provided a waiver from the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Counsel so that he may be eligible for induction into the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Class of 2015.