Gill Ruderman - US Army - Bradenton, FL

Education and Training Accomplishments:

  • East Carolina College, Greenville, NC, 1961-1962.
  • United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, 1962-1966, Bachelor of Science.
  • United States Army Field Artillery Advanced Course, Ft. Sill, OK, 1971-1972, Diploma.
  • University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1972-1973, Master of Arts in Teaching.
  • United States Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS, 1977-1978, Diploma.
  • United States Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA 1985-1986, Diploma.


  • United States Army Airborne and Ranger Schools, Ft. Benning GA, 1966, and Pathfinder School, 1976.
  • Certificates of Completion, Airborne Badge, Ranger Tab and Pathfinder Badge.
  • 82d Airborne Division Jumpmaster School, Ft. Bragg, NC, 1978, Certificate of Completion.
  • United States Army Inspector General Course, Ft. Belvoir, VA, 1986, Certificate of Completion.

Professional or Employment History:

  • United States Army Officer, June 1966-September 1992.
  • Part-time work at the Links Golf Club and the Lakewood Ranch YMCA, Bradenton, FL.

Advocacy on Behalf of Veterans:
I have known Retired Colonel Gill Ruderman for about 19 years, and can tell you that I haven’t met anyone who consistently works on behalf of veterans more diligently. Listing the organizations he belongs to doesn’t do him justice because he is always doing things that don’t get recognized.

  • Manatee County Veterans Council (MCVC).
  • Selected as the Manatee County Veteran of the Year in 2016. Although earmarked as a single-year award, it was awarded to him for his many contributions over the 18 or so years he has been involved with the Council.
  • Served as Vice-Chairman for four years.
  • Supervised the implementation of the Flag Protocol Initiative, the program designed to educate students on traditions and all protocols.
  • Has been instrumental in the planning and execution of the Council’s Veteran’s day Ceremony and Parade for several years.
  • Served as leader for Council’s program to get veterans into classrooms to educate today’s students about the military.
  • Is often asked to lead sub-committees to review various issues such as the Council’s charter and its financial records.

Military Officers’ Association of America (MOAA).

  • Life member.
  •  In the local chapter, he has served multiple terms as President, 1st Vice-Pre­sident, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer and has served for years on the Chapter’s scholarship committee that awards scholarships to local
  • Junior Reserved Officer Training cadets.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

  • Life member.
  • In the local chapter, he has served in various positions of leadership, and is the Post’s liaison for external events such as the local Memorial Day parade and arranging for VFW members to speak at local high schools. 3. Has been a key player in the Post’s many fund-raising efforts over the years.

Civic Activities and Contributions:

Retired Colonel Gill Ruderman firmly believes in the concept of giving, both time and money,
in support of various organizations that not only serve veterans, but also the greater good. He feels very strongly in the credo of “never stop serving”.

  • Southeastern Guide Dogs (SEGD). He has volunteered in various capacities for about 17 years. Most recently he has been assisting the trainers who work with service dogs for veterans. He and his wife are members of two special programs, one for annual contributions and one for “legacy” provisions.
  • Tidewell Hospice. For about four years, he has volunteered in its Veterans Honors Program where he awards a certificate and a pin to veterans, and family members if appropriate, to recognize them for their service at this most difficult and sensitive time.
  • Sarasota National Cemetery. Volunteered for over seven years in assisting families as their veterans are laid to rest.
  • Military Academy Selection. Has served on Congressman Buchanan’s committee to select Academy attendees for seven years.
  • Projects/Essays. Has volunteered for several years to “grade” senior projects for a local high school and essays written for the local historical society.
  • Homeowners Association. Served as an officer for eight years.

Awards or Honors:

  • Manatee County Veteran of the Year for 2016. Selected by representatives of the various veteran organizations in Manatee County for his numerous and meritorious contributions to veterans in Manatee County.
  • Florida Council of Chapters (the state body of MOAA) Chapter Leadership Award in 2017 for his long service as a leader in the local Chapter.
  • Jewish Federation of Sarasota Tribute to Veterans Service Award in 2018 for his support of veteran programs in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates/ Bradenton Marauders Military Hero Award in 2018 for his enduring support of veteran activities in Manatee County. 

Written Narrative:

It is a true honor to nominate Retired Army Colonel Gill H. Ruderman for admission to the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame. For over 18 years he has contributed in numerous ways in sup­ porting veterans and veteran programs and activities.

Primarily through his association with the Manatee County Veterans Council and Veterans of Foreign Wars Braden River Post 12055, he has earned the deserved reputation of being a key leader among veterans in Manatee County. For example, in 2016 the Bradenton Herald wanted to publish an article on the Library of Congress initiative to increase the number of veterans agreeing to conduct video interviews. The reporter assigned this task, a veteran himself, knew of Colonel Ruderman, contacted and interviewed him, and put his interview on the front page of the paper. Additionally, in 2019, The East County Observer, a “local” paper included him in its special Memorial Day coverage of Vietnam veterans.

The specific guidance for this section requires description of”… significant contributions the nominee made to the State of Florida…”. As I’ve indicated, Colonel Ruderman has made numerous contributions not just for veterans, but also for the local community. His accom­plishments could be used as a true definition of “significant contributions”.

He is a true believer in the concept of volunteering. Since his peers are fellow volunteers, he uses his leadership and managerial skills in a multitude of ways in order to help “get things done”, and he strives to do so without fanfare.

His integrity, values and character are above reproach. In fact, I know that he has spoken up to address issues where he has felt things were not being “done right”, even when his views were not in the majority.

I have been involved with veterans and veteran organizations in Manatee County for over 20 years. In this time, I have been fortunate to work with many veterans who contribute sig­nificantly in many ways, but I have not known any single veteran who has contributed more, in more ways than Retired Colonel Gill Ruderman. This belief proudly enables me to submit this nomination for him to the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame, Class of 2021, an honor he truly deserves.