Master Sergeant Jose Rosa - USAF - Daytona Beach, FL

Jose Rosa has lived a life of service to this country as a Vietnam and Enduring Freedom veteran, retiring as a United States Air Force Master Sergeant in 2011. Jose eventually retired from the Federal Aviation Administration after 28 years, today and for some time he has and continues to be a strong advocate for veterans.

His list of accomplishments is too long to elaborate in this document and should serve as an example for others who wish to serve veterans. From his own service as a Vietnam veteran in the United States Air Force, where he received numerous awards and citations to his present status as the Commander of VFW Post 3282, he devotes countless hours to see that veterans get the service they are entitled, and he lives by the VFW motto, “No One Does More for Veterans”.

He serves on several Veteran Service Organization’s board of directors, that help enrich the lives of veterans including being elected for 2 terms as Commander of VFW Post 3282 in Port Orange, Director of Vietnam Veterans of America Daytona Beach Chapter 1048. Recently Jose negotiated with the Volusia County Council to have a local veteran service officer stationed at VFW Post 3282 every Thursday to file or review claims, creating convenience for many veterans who have had to travel far to the counties fixed office sites. He was the leader, spending many hours, coordinating relief efforts to Puerto Rico during the recent past hurricanes. He also serves on several homeowner’s associations and other various boards in addition to his other volunteer duties.

Perhaps the best way to sum up Jose’s amazing life of service to veterans is under his leadership at VFW Post 3282 he spends many hours attending veterans’ funerals and memorials, seeing that surviving family members are cared for and directed to the appropriate agencies for survivor benefits and services, networking with our Volusia County Veteran Services. Recently Jose was recently profiled in the VFW National magazine, helping homeless veterans locally in Volusia County with food, clothing, and other essentials during the winter months of late 2017 and early 2018. As stated in the beginning, there is not enough space to mention all of Joe’s services such as also being a Board member of VFW Post 3282 House Committee, which is tasked in making numerous decisions on the activities, building maintenance and other important day by day tasks that keeps the Post running smooth.

Volunteer Accomplishments:

VFW Post 3282, Port Orange, Florida – Post Commander from August 2016 to Present. Established numerous projects to service Veterans and my community.

List Veteran Volunteering Projects:

  • Assist Veterans in need by providing guidance and funds to help veterans from becoming homeless by paying their obligations for everyday living.
  • Provided hotel stayed, food and funds for Army inductee living in car.
  • Visited numerous times Hospitalized Veterans.
  • Created several help and informational Seminar Programs in the past two years to help Veterans and Community in need.
  • Performed and directed Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies at the Port Orange Veterans Memorial Park since 2016 to Present. 
  • Directed the VFW Post 3282 Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen essay contest at local High schools and Middle schools since 2016. Establish the VFW Post 3282 Teacher of Year Awards in the Port Orange local schools.
  • Directed the VFW Post 3282 ROTC and Jr. ROTC programs in the greater Daytona Beach area in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Whenever temperatures went below 40 degrees in the Daytona Beach area, he volunteers to help feed and shelter the homeless at Epiphany Church in Port Orange, thru the Knights of Columbus, from 2007 to 2011. Recently he did the same program of helping the homeless on my own when the temperature dipped to almost freezing in Daytona Beach, providing over 50 sleeping mats, food hats and money, 
  • Negotiated with Volusia County, and established a local County Veteran service officer office for every Thursday at VFW Post 3282, in Port Orange, Florida to help our disable veterans file for their VA benefits and benefit guidance.
  • Performed Commander role in over 30 VFW Post 3282 Honor Guard Funeral ceremonies in 2016 to 2018.
  • Chairman and Director of VFW Post 3282 community Bingo (Senior Program), every Sunday since May 2016 to present.
  • Established and hosted numerus community programs, Job fairs, help and informational seminars, fundraisers for VFW Veteran relief fund, and Buddy Poppy distribution Programs for three years. 
  • Provide Coffee and Donuts on the third Wednesday morning of each month, to the Patriots and Disable Veterans, at the William V. Chappell VA clinic in Daytona Beach.
  • Raised thousands of dollars in food, supplies clothing and cash for Hurricane victim’s assistance in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.