Society Merchandise

Car Window Sticker

Front Car Plate

Challenge Coin

The car window sticker is 4 inches tall. It is made from a UV resistant material and is waterproof. It should last a long time. 

Our only guarantee is that we will always have another sticker for you to buy.  $5 including postage.

Basic Plate is $25 including postage.
On this plate you can add your own stickers on each side of the Society logo or you can email additional images that will be printed on the plate at no additional charge. One of our Society members is printing these plates for us. Jose’ Rosa

Challenge coin is $12 including postage. You can order an unlimited number of challenge coins.



Blazer Patch

The embroidered patch is $12 including postage. As a Society member we recommend the patch be sewn on a dark blue blazer.

Still Serving Book

This book includes a picture and bio of each member of the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society.

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