Raymond Cralle' - USMC Veteran - Delray Beach, FL

Raymond H. Crallé, RPT a former Marine,1971 graduate of University of Iowa program in Physical Therapy was recruited by HBO pioneer, Richard Neubauer MD, in the early 70’s to provide rehabilitation to his patients suffering from many neuropathic conditions. Following 14 years of this unique learning environment.

Crallé established his own outpatient hyperbaric center in Delray Beach Florida in 2007. Like his beloved, Dr. Neubauer, Crallé started treating patients from all over the world, but having personally witnessed the trauma suffered by his brother Marines during the Vietnam “conflict” his conviction to help veterans was embellished by paying customers from NFL, Polo, PGA, stroke patients, anti-aging enthusiast and from donations to his 501.C.3 HopeSprings. He conducted a study of 40 veterans that demonstrated improvements on psychological test, SPECT brain images and personal responses of less anger, improved sleep and mental clarity.

Ray gathered an impressive group of professionals on July 29,2019 who are starting another study on HBOT and veterans. The following participants represent some of the finest minds in brain trauma. (Senator Tom Wright, Dr. Daphne Denham, Randolph Reynolds, Retired US Navy Seal Dan Luna, Denise Young-Lynch, R.N, Neil Millhiser, Esq, Raymond H. Crallé, RPT., Dr. Gregory J O’Shanick, Dr. Harold F. Young, Dr. Tanvir F. Choudhri , Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, John Lewis, PhD., Willie Lanier former American football middle-linebacker, James S. “Hammer” Hartsell, Major General, USMC (Ret), Dr. Eddie Zant). Crallé’s pro-bono care for countless veterans resulted in his induction into the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame in August of 2019.

Crallé’s Physical therapy background has had a positive effect on outcomes in HBO as the interdigitation of these treatments have proven to be very complementary to maximizing medical improvements.

Working in collaboration with stem cell specialist, where HBO’s ability to grow new healthy stem cells, has enhanced outcomes because of the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of HBO when added to increased levels of cells- creating a win-win for patients. This will be more widely practiced as others learn of its effectiveness, Crallé believes.

Crallé’s friend, Daphne Denham, MD., has developed very powerful evidence demonstrating the healing effects of HBO on acute concussion with less than 5 treatments on average of HBO. The cost effectiveness and the welfare of our children’s brains has been impacted like never before. Preventing post concussive syndrome is the start of new horizons for HBO.

Senator Tom Wright has driven a Bill through the Florida Legislature that was also funded to support data collection to be presented to the legislative session in January where the Senator will ask for more funds to support our veterans. Senator Wright was motivated by a visit to Cralle’s center where he decided to support veterans across the country and put an end to the 22 reported suicides a day. He has been supported by Captain Danny Burgess and Major General James “Hammer” Hartsell who serve as director of Veterans Affairs under Governor DeSantis. 

Crallé wishes to acknowledge the past support of the Red Cross, Florida Veterans Foundation, and individuals who have supported his 501.C.3 HopeSprings with charitable donations to support his efforts for the benefits of many.

Education and Training Accomplishments:

  • 06/69-09/71 University of Iowa, Iowa 52242 Full Time Student, Graduate College Certification in Physical Therapy, September 1971 Academic Awards: Scholarships, University of Iowa, 1970
  • 12/66-06/68 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 Full Time Student Bachelor of Science College of Education, June 1968

Academic Awards:

  • Upper 2% graduating class, 1968
  • 09/61-06/64 Palm Beach Junior College, Lake Worth, Florida 33460 Full Time Student with time out for Military Service
  • AA Degree, June 1968

Professional Employment History:

USMC Reserves Duties: 

  • Amtrak Crewman and Divers Safety NCO, 
  • Special Training Embarkation NCO, 
  • Honorable Discharge with attendance award, 1970
  • Manager, Saks Fifth Avenue, La Jolla, California 1968-69
  • Psychiatric Technician, Mercy Hospital, San Diego, California 1968-69 
  • University of Iowa Psychopathic Hospital, Children’s Ward 1969-70
  • Oakland Security Facility for the Criminally Insane, Oakdale, Iowa 1970-71 
  • Good Samaritan Hospital, West Palm Beach, Florida, Staff Therapist 1971-72 

Private Practice:

  • Cralle’ Physical Therapy Services, 525 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 106, Delray Beach, Florida, 1972-Present, Owner
  • Palm Beach Pain and Stress Center, 1000 45th Street, West Palm Beach, Florida, December 1984-1986, Founder and C.E.O.
  • Health Management Services, Inc., 210 N.E. 6th Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 1987-1993, Owner, President
  • ODTI, Ltd., Managing General Partner, 1988-1993
  • North County Physical Therapy, Ltd., Managing General Partner, 1990- 1993
  • Treasure Coast Sports Medicine, Ltd., Managing General Partner, 1989- 1993
  • Physical Therapy Associates, Ltd., Managing General Partner, 1989-1993
  • Pompano Rehabilitation Institute, Ltd., Managing General Partner, 1990- 1993
  • Boca Rehab Agency, Inc., Owner, President, 1989-1993 *Sold in 1993
  • Oxygen Rescue Care Centers of America, 525 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 107, Delray Beach, Florida, 2006-Present, Owner

Advocacy on Behalf of Veterans:

Mr. Cralle spent over 14 years with the pioneer of HBOT, Dr. Richard Neubauer, MD in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where his neuro-rehab skills were applied to the benefits of patients who had received HBO for multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, brain trauma and other neuropathology. This combination of treatment proved to maximize return from physical limitations and exposed him to brain imaging and many prominent visiting doctors from around the world.

During his service in the Marines he was exposed to the traumas that occurred as a result of the Vietnam War, but it was his first cousin’s traumatic suicide after returning from duty that set his mind to question blast exposure and its effect on P.T.S.D., and manifestations of the “Silent Wounds of War.” Ray would do countless presentations educating concerned active duty and Veteran advocates on how Traumatic Brain Injury can affect the lives of those injured. Most significant his persistence and passion in educating others benefitted through saving lives of countless servicemen and service women.

In 2009 Cralle compiled a team of providers to study 40 veterans who came from as far away as Oregon, Indiana, Illinois and Florida. The team consisted of an internist Charles Scherer M.D. who checked the many drugs the Vets were prescribed, a number with “Black Box” warnings by FDA, a neuro psychologist, Jeffrey Gran PhD who performed 5-6 hours of psychological testing before and after 40 Hyperbaric treatments. William Maxfield M.D., who interpreted the SPECT Scans before and after treatments.

There were three Spect images with one following the 20th treatment and the last following the 40th HBO visit where the final psychologist exam was administered. These veterans were not “mild concussive” cases as all had attempted suicide at least once, one veteran attempted suicide three times. Results were stellar! Marked improvement in many areas of cognitive function, marked reductions of PTSD symptoms, enhanced sleep patterns and years since no suicides! Cralle’s team worked pro bono, and assisted with room and board paid for through Ray’s work with the Red Cross.

Members of the Florida Veterans Foundation learned of our work and would refer desperate veterans from around the State of Florida who Cralle treated without question or compensation. Cralle was a speaker at a number of conferences around the State at the request of the Fla Veterans Foundation. He appeared on PBS TV in Dallas Texas with his friend Dr. Eddie Zant who also treated vets with HBOT in the Western part of the state. He was a speaker at Housing and Urban development in Washington D.C, along with a number of Admirals and Generals who were keynote speakers in 2016. Many veterans have to endure the burden of assisted living and suffer the early onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s from unrecognized silent wounds of war.

Mr. Cralle has appeared on many television programs discussing anti-aging, nearly drowned children, auto immune diseases like lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. and recently presented the findings regarding the arrest of, and remission of symptoms in Alzheimer’s by HBO to counselors and those involved with Traumatic Brain Injury in Palm Beach, FL on April 30th, 2019.

Ray Cralle’ presented to the National Purple Heart Foundation at their annual meeting in Orlando in 2016 and garnered their support in healing this demographic of injured Veterans.

Ray Cralle also presented to the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs at their annual meeting in Orlando in 2015.

Cralle was guest speaker at the annual meeting of International Association of Interventional Spine Surgeons at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2012. The local Anglico unit of Marines in West Palm Beach surprised Cralle with a personal visit in dress blues and awarded him a plaque and certificate for assisting Marines families. His reputation of being a “Veterans’ Healer” is second to none. His passion and credibility are renown throughout Florida and sets him apart with prominence in the Veterans’ alternative world.

A letter from the Commandeering Officer, P. E. Lefebvre of Camp Lejeune N.C. was received in recognition for his pro bono help to a young Marine family. Ray’s personal sacrifice in providing treatment to others is admirable. Each pro bono treatment has a lost value to Ray of $6,500 BUT is invaluable in his heart of doing for the Veteran.

Cralle treats many professional athletes from NFL, NHL, Polo etcetera, and is currently compiling another team consisting of three University based neurosurgeons and a physician HBOT provider from the mid-west to develop studies to validate much of the experiences in the clinical setting. Cralle was involved in a medical 1st in treating an NFL player, a paraplegic on the field of play and who’s neurosurgeon predicted would never be out of a wheelchair, but Ray “wanted to give the kid a chance”. Cralle’s advice on dosing HBOT has resulted in this man walking again without assistance. Is referred to many as a miracle worker through his dogged determination and giving till it hurts. He is the most selfless Veteran I know.

Cralle represents only one of two major centers in Florida but there is the Hyperbaric Medical International Organization that represents a number of qualified providers around this great country. He is deeply respected by the National Hyperbaric Association and called upon to advise throughout the world. His performance and importance in healing Veterans has been attested to by his friend Paul Hoffecker, CEO of National Hyperbaric, and represents this group to promote hyperbaric awareness.

Civic Activities and Contributions:

  • Member of American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine July 15,1978-Present
  • Member of the American Pain Society, May 3rd, 1984
  • Member of Pan American Medical Association Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation January 23rd, 1984

Awards or Honors:

  • Awarded for maintaining 100% drill attendance by USMCR December 5th, 1967
  • Technician Certificate of Achievement in Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Thermography, November 13th, 1983
  • Certificate of Appreciation for assistance and services contributed to the benefit of Palm Beach County’s Disabled and Homeless American Veterans, July 13,1998
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Guest Lecturer, Florida International University, School of Health and Social Services
  • Executive Award TLC sports Medicine PA
  • Appreciation and gratitude guest speaker at The Lufkin Hyperbaric Center, Lufkin Texas October 18th, 2002
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Distinguished Speaker, Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center July 16-19,2003
  • Certificate of Membership of the American Physical Therapy Association, 2006- Present
  • Certificate of Appreciation Serving-Supporting-Advocating for Florida Veterans, Florida Veterans Foundation
  • Awarded Florida Veterans Walk of Honor to Sergeant Raymond Cralle United States Marine
  • Awarded Marine Corps Airborne plaque for unconditional support to the Padilla family and Marines May 14th, 2010
  • Letter of Appreciation for providing combat veterans and military family members with innovative hyperbaric oxygen therapy. United States Marine Corps. ANGLICO. May 14th, 2010
  • Certificate of Appreciation for dedication and outstanding commitment in assisting our veterans and families by The Miami Dade Veterans Service Program, The Florida Veterans Foundation, Miami Vet Center and the Armed Forces Veterans Association September 9th, 2016
  • Certificate of Appreciation Serving-Supporting-Advocating for Florida Veterans, Florida Veterans Foundation
  • Presented the Flag of the United States of America in Recognition and appreciation for dedicated and outstanding support to our Special Operations Forces August 20th, 2016
  • Certificate of Appreciation for tireless efforts in support of our United States Armed Forces.
  • HUD veterans Affinity Group (VAG). November 9th, 2016 Explorer Scout – 1960

Contributions to the State of Florida:

Cralle has teamed with countless others in the State of Florida who selfishly donate their time and energies to ensure their brothers and sisters are not left alone in their struggles once returned from serving their great Nation. Despite the news media’s depictions of racial and political unrest, it is the military family and relationships with healers such as Ray where his beliefs in cohesiveness of Veteran Advocates resolve to save lives in a collective and collaborative spirit. This has best been illuminated by Ray’s vision and mantra that brotherhood and the willingness to fight for our freedoms under harsh conditions and where survivors and citizen benefactors owe brave men and women every chance to live a life of dignity and providing undying, and at times, personal sacrifice on his part to support freedoms we enjoy because of those sacrifices.

Cralle’s work in Florida has become a national “big deal” beginning with his efforts and success in saving the life of Randy Reynolds, of Richmond, VA. Randy Reynolds, of Reynolds Aluminum, heard about Ray Cralle’s work in HBOT and SPECT imaging and went to his facility for treatment. When Reynolds was told that he had a brain stem stroke Ray went right to work and helped Reynolds recover completely leading to not only another believer in his work but also he gained a supporter with the means to help fund other projects to support and assist other Veterans in need. Reynolds supported Cralle on multiple levels, first introducing him to Operations Healing Forces based near the SOCOM base in Tampa and providing housing to vets traveling to Delray Beach for treatment. The cost to heal Reynolds was $8,400, which in local hospital charges including room and board would have translated to $76,000.

Ray’s reputation led to another gentleman calling him several years ago asking to take him to lunch as a means to learn what he was doing with pressurized oxygen. He and his wife later started personally paying for a number of veterans being treated. That inspired advocate was me. Cralle’s also inspired others to contribute to his 501-C-3 to support his team in the healing of countless Veterans needing his valuable services. I was inspired by Ray’s work and after my election as Senator in Florida I felt that the sky was the limit on what we could do. Through Ray’s proven Veterans’ work we were able to get legislation this year to expand the incredible work of this Veterans. I am speechless and feel that I cannot articulate my level of pride and passion for the work that Mr. Cralle does each and every day. Ray inspired my belief in him and the invaluable work he does for Veterans every day. He is a lifesaver on so many levels. He takes his work beyond HBOT by counseling and guiding the Veterans to be healthy both in mind and body. I don’t think we can imagine the numbers of lives that he has saved through his.