Sergeant Major Leon J. Roy- US Army(Posthumous)-Tallahassee, FL

Education and Training:

  • January- 1963 Jump School 45th Company
  • February- 1963 V Corps L.R.R.P (3779)
  • July- 1965 -1966 Infantry Advisor to 45th ARVN Regt.
  • July – 1966 3rd Special Forces, Ft. Bragg, N.C.
  • September – 1968 46th Company Company USSF – Thailand
  • September- 1969 3rd & 6th S.F. Companies, Ft. Bragg, N.C.
  • November – 1970 5th S.F.G. Vietnam
  • November – 1971 Pathfinder Instructor, Ft. Benning, Ga.
  • July – 1973 1st Sgt. 42nd Company, Airborne, Ft. Benning, Ga.
  • July- 1977 Sergeant Major Academy, Ft. Bliss Texas
  • January- 1978 Senior Enlisted Advisor, 73rd Inf. Brigrade/ with Pathfinder Unit {no jumps)
  • November -1980 Retired – Command Sgt. Major

Professional Employment History:

  • U.S. Navy 1957 – 1962 Honorably Discharged
  • U.S. Army 1962 Retired 1980 E-9 Command Sgt. Major
  • 1980- 1996 Taught Jr. ROTC at Quincy Shanks High School, Quincy, FL
  • During his time as instructor he worked with many underprivileged young men and women and led them toward rewarding careers both in the Military and Civilian sector. Leon designed and implemented the original Disaster Safety plan for Quincy Shanks High School.
  • 2007 – 2018 Florida Dept. of Emergency Management Volunteer with Recovery Section as Liaison with FEMA . Leon worked 8 major Hurricanes and several other natural disasters during his time with Emergency Management setting up and operating Recovery Centers all over the State of Florida.
  • 2002 Guest Speaker at Cook County High School, Adel, Ga. for a special “Welcome Home” program for Vietnam Veterans from the area. The event was covered by local media and many of the Veterans expressed appreciation for being honored for their service. 2004 selected as 75th Ranger Regiment Association Man of the Year.

Nominee’s Advocacy on Behalf of Veterans:

Life Member of Military Order of the Purple Heart Commander for two years 2007-2009 Helped arrange and was a guest speaker when the Traveling Vietnam Wall of Honor was brought to Tallahassee.


  • Legion of Merit
  • Soldiers Medal Bronze Star
  • Purple Heart
  • Air Medal
  • Army Accommodation
  • Army Good Conduct
  • National Defense
  • Vietnam campaign Metal
  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Master Jump Wings
  • Vietnamese Jump Wings
  • Cambodian Jump Wings
  • Thailand Jump Wings
  • Pathfinder Badge
  • C.l.B.
  • Expert Rifle Badge

Civic Activities and Contributions:

During his time with the ROTC program in Quincy he often appeared on WCTV News and

special segments providing information about the program. He even arranged for Cannan Cummings to have her first military helicopter ride! He guided young men and women towards military careers. Many of them kept in touch with him during their careers and are now Veterans themselves. Leon advised and helped them get deserved VA Benefits.


After his retirement from the ROTC Program . Served as a volunteer with Emergency Management setting up and operating Recovery Centers after major hurricanes and other natural disasters all over the State of Florida. Leon became the Liaison to FEMA in these operations.

These Recovery Centers were vital for people who suffered losses in the storms as all available assistance was in one place to serve them. Leon always mentioned the Veterans he was able to assist during these disasters.

In 2002 Leon was Guest Speaker at Cook County High School for a special program presented by the Music Department honoring local Vietnam Veterans and “welcoming them home” It was very well attended and the Veterans were touched by the appreciation shown them. The program was reported in a special edition of the Adel News Tribune.

Nomination Narrative:

Leon Roy served our wonderful State and the Nation since he entered the Navy back in 1957 and then the Am1y for the remainder of his career, retiring in 1980. But, that did not end his service to our local community and state. He taught Jr. ROTC at Quincy Shanks High School for 16 years. He led many young people out of the poverty cycle and into meaningful careers serving their community, state and nation. Many of them kept in contact with him and are now veterans themselves. Some of his former students serve in law enforcement and many had very successful careers in the military.

After having to retire from teaching, due to a bout of cancer from to effects from Agent Orange. He never let his health issues keep him from helping the citizens of the State of Florida. Leon applied to be a volunteer with the State of Florida Emergency Management. He worked 8 major hurricanes though out the state and several tornados in Central Florida. He set up Disaster Recovery Centers in the damaged areas and coordinated with FEMA bringing all the resources of help to one location. Leon was always proud of helping people who had suffered major losses, he would especially comment on the Veterans he was able to assist. He always had a special bond with them.

Leon was always quick to assist a Veteran in receiving benefits due them and giving information on medical assistance and program support. He worked tirelessly through the VFW and Purple Heart to provide education and support to veterans. Leon helped organize many fund raising efforts in our area to support Veterans.

After more than 60 years of service to our Nation and State Leon passed away September 1, 2020 due to complications from his exposure to Agent Orange. He now rests in the National Cemetery here in Tallahassee.