County and City Plaque Project

The Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society has rolled out a statewide county and city plaque project for our members. The purpose is to give our Society members additional local recognition beyond the name plates in the Florida State Capital Building. These plaques can also be placed in military museums and other appropriate locations.

If you are interested in having a plaque placed in your county or city, contact your local appropriate authorities to gain approval to hang the plaque in a location that is agreed upon by all parties. After you have permission to hang the plaque, contact Colonel Steve Lewallen (Ret), to initiate the plaque development process or to ask any questions.

The plaque is not expensive. The cost will depend on the number of name plates on the plaque and the number of characters on the name plates. The local members in the county area are responsible for the cost of the plaque.

The plaque will include a QR Code that will link to each of the member bio so the visitor to the plaque can read about each of the members on their phone.

The Society has contracted with an award shop in Tallahassee to provide all of our plaques so that we have uniformity and control over the quality of the plaques. Blank spots on the plaque will be provided to allow room for growth thru the years. Once the plaque is ordered, it will take about 6 weeks to delivery.

The size of the plaque depends on the number of members in your area. This is the Tallahassee plaque. It is our largest plaque with 20 members. It measures 12″ x 15″. All other plaques will be smaller.

Contact Colonel Steve Lewallen (Ret) with any questions:
352.573.9447 or

Plaque Being Presented to Okaloosa County

Florida Veterans Hall Of Fame Society Vice President Tom Rice presents Okaloosa County Commissioner Trey Goodwin with the society’s Northwest Florida recognition of community inductees. With room for future inductees the plaque includes Dr. David Goetsch, USMC, Class of 2016, 1sgt Tom Rice, USA, Class of 2017, Lt. Gen. Gordon Fornell, USAF Class of 2018, Brig. Gen. Patt Maney, USA Class of 2018, Dr. Chuck Merkel Jr. USA, Class of 2018, Col. Michael Flynt, USAF, Class of 2019, Dr. Albert Eddie Zant, USA, Class of 2019, Brig. Gen. Michael Ferguson, USA, Class of 2020. The community event was organized with the leadership of the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and benefited the Air Force Enlisted Village “Bob Hope” and it’s assisted living facility, Hawthorn House and Victory Village. Guest speakers included FDVA Deputy Executive Director Bob Asztalos and Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan movies military consultant and author, Marine Captain Dale Dye.