Annual Service Awards

In addition to awarding Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame and Department of Defense Vietnam War 50th Commemoration awards to Vietnam War Veterans, Blue Star Surviving Spouses and Gold Star Families, the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame is now vetted and certified as an organization qualified to award the Presidential Service Awards to qualifying veterans for their volunteer service time. As a member of the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society, you are encouraged to seek and find other veterans who are generous with their time and give back to other veterans to nominate them for this award. However, it is not necessary that you be a member of the Society or that you even be a veteran in order to nominate a veteran for the Presidential Service Award. There are lots of ways to be awarded the Presidential Service Award for lots of types of volunteer service thru other organizations, but the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society is specializing in veteran service because we are a veteran organization ourselves.

There are 4 service awards available for Florida veterans from the Society. The Bronze, the Silver and the Gold awards are annual awards for service within a 12 month period. See the breakdown in the chart below. The fourth award is a lifetime award that is issued by the Society directly from the President of the Society. The Presidential Service Awards organization is not awarding lifetime awards at this time, so the Society is awarding them directly from our Society President.

Award Criteria

​Bronze Award: 100 to 249 Hours – Silver Award: 250 to 499 Hours – Gold Award: 500+ Hours of veteran service

There is no deadline for the Presidential Service Awards. Nominations can be submitted at any time. Here is the process:

  • Submit nomination
  • Your nomination is reviewed by a committee
  • Upon approval by the committee, your medals will be ordered from Washington DC
  • Your awards will be delivered to a Florida regional Society member
  • The Regional Society member will schedule with you a time and location for you to receive your award.

How to apply for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Annual Awards

  1. The service award nominee must be a Florida veteran, Blue Star Surviving Spouse or Gold Star Family
  2. Attach nominee DD214 (if available and if applicable. It’s not a requirement)
  3. The nominators name, address and contact information
  4. The nominees name, address and contact information
  5. One reference in addition to the nominator with name, address and contacts. This reference should be a volunteer coordinator or officer of the organization with which the veteran volunteered.
  6. An outline of organizations, dates and hours of qualifying service time
  7. The nominees service hours should be counted within any 12 month period.

Please fill the form below for the annual awards. The lifetime award is farther down the page.

Annual Bronze, Silver and Gold Nomination Form