Robert P. Adelhelm - USMC - Jacksonville, FL

Education and Training Accomplishments: 
  • 1973 – Graduate William Paterson University – Wayne, New Jersey BS Criminal Justice
  • 1973 – USMC Officers Candidate School
  • 1974 – USMC The Basic School
  • 1976 – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus School, US Army Airborne School, US Naval Aerial Observer School, US Marnie Corps Amphibious Warfare School, US Marine Corps Command and Staff College
  • NROTC University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill/North Carolina State University Instructor US Marine Corps Basic School, US Marine Corps Marine Reconnaissance School

Professional or Employment History: 

  • 2021 NE FL Vets4Vets Movement – Executive Director 2021 Council County Veterans President Council – Advisor
  • 2021 Semper Fidelis Society – Treasurer 2017 Council County Veterans President Council – Founder/Facilitator 
  • 2013 NE FL Vets4Vets Movement – Founder
  • 2004 WECC (Wind Energy Construction Contractor) – Construction Dir. 
  • 2003 DOWLING CONSTRUCTION CO. – Construction Mgr 
  • 2001 Duval Veterans Council – Florida – President
  • 2000 Vets4Vets TV – Access Cable 29 – Producer, Director
  • 1999 Semper Fidelis Society – Founder/President
  • 1997 Fleet Landing Retirement Community – Facilities Director
  • 1995 Blount Island Command – Director of Operations
  • 1995 GATX Logistics – Project Manager

Advocacy on Behalf of Veterans:

  • 2021 – Welcome Home, Vietnam Veterans, Legal Bar Assoc. and Judge Floyd – Duval 
  • 2021 – Korean War Vets Placement/Fundraiser Jacksonville National Cemetery (TBD) 
  • 2021 – Provision of Wellness Baskets – Covid Relief – USMC, Jacksonville FL – Duval
  • 2020 – Memorial Day Address – MCL #1017 (Outdoor) Fernandina Beach FL – Nassau
  • 2019 – Annual Memorial Beirut Barracks Bombing Ceremony – Oct 23 – Duval
  • 2017 – Vietnam Veterans PTSD Workshop – Breakfast Sponsor – Sept 23  – Duval
  • 2017 – Vet Outreach – FL Coastal School of Law – Cong. Rutherford – Aug – Duval
  • 2017 – County Council Vet Pres. Council – Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns Arena 
  • 2016 – Tru-Way Outreach “Come Together Day” BBQ Fellowship Hall – Duval
  • 2015 – NE FL Vets4Vets Quarterly Gatherings – Vystar Veterans Memorial 
  • 2004 – Annual Memorial USMC/FMF Corpsmen Ceremony – November 10 


  • Life Member of Vietnam Veterans of America 
  • Life Member of Marine Corps League 
  • Member of American Legion 
  • Life Member of the VFW – Primary Advocate for Veterans Wall – PTSD, TBI, Suicide, Agent Orange 
  • Primary Advocate Veterans Community Center (VCC) Jacksonville, FL 

Long Term Goal – Primary Advocate for establishment of a Veterans Community Center (VCC), in Duval County, FL. Reasoning: Older vets married 50 years, widowed, are more likely to go to a VCC for camaraderie, to have dinner and share with other veterans, yet many older vets are residing in assisted living/nursing homes with those who have never served. Additionally, a VCC would be instrumental in bringing older vets into contact with younger vets. This could help to solve and alleviate many PTSD issues. Many young vets bond as a brotherhood in the military, but this is missing after separation, especially for those who served in combat. The loss of camaraderie after service is seen in the homelessness, suicides, and unemployment rates. Millions of dollars have been given to local organizations in the past i.e., the Cummer Museum. Community funding is a worthwhile goal. Contributions and grants could also provide for a local VCC. 

Civic Activities and Contributions:

Founded in 1998, Semper Fidelis Society, Jacksonville Florida – 503C19. First military organization to place USMC monument at the Jacksonville National Cemetery, Duval. 

Since 2002, single-handedly appropriates donations and coordinates the yearly presentation of a Marine Corps Mameluke Sword to the top Marine Graduate from the Jacksonville University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit (NROTC). 

In 2004, driving force behind the creation, establishment and funding of a Marine and FMF Corpsmen Monument inside the front entrance of Evergreen Cemetery, 4535 N. Main St., Jacksonville FL, dedicated to Marines and those Corpsmen who served with Marine units 
Since 2005, organized and spearheaded the yearly awarding of scholarships to Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps High School Cadets (NJROTC) from local community high schools who exemplify the Marine Corps’ values of “Honor, Courage and Commitment”. The intent of the award/scholarship is to encourage future leaders to emulate and practice the leadership qualities of “Service before Self” exemplified by FMF Corpsmen and Dr. Herbert Pearce, MD, and practice these attributes that have established the Marine Corps as an elite military organization. These Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society scholarships have been given annually to outstanding students in units at Terry Parker, Bishop Kenny and Nease High Schools. 

From 2015, provides annual financial donations to the Atlantic Coast Young Marine program which assists disadvantaged youth recruits to support them in their participation with all program activities, summer trips, camps, community service. 

Since 2010, spearheaded and organized an annual Gung-Ho Award presentation. The intent of the award is to recognize outstanding Marines and FMF Corpsmen serving with Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia Marine and Navy units. The award criteria is an individual who possesses the intellectual honesty and moral courage to put aside self-interests for the good of his/her unit, demonstrates the tenacity and self-discipline that is in keeping with what is known as a “Can Do” attitude and the Gung Ho Fighting Spirit of the Marine Warrior, an individual who clearly exemplifies Marine leadership by example and fosters the concept of “working together” as a team (Gung Ho). Recipients are presented a USMC K-BAR, a symbol of Marine Combat leadership, in a display case with name plate. The Gung-Ho Award presentation has now increased to include Police Officers, Fire Fighters etc. in the Duval community who have displayed the above attributes and went above and beyond the ordinary call of duty. 

In 2020, he was the driving force behind the fundraising, design and placement of a Beirut Barracks Monument. This monument is the first in Florida, and only the third in the nation. This annual memorial service at Evergreen Cemetery is solely dedicated to those 241 Marines, Navy & Army personnel (to include 22 Floridians) who perished in the Beirut, Lebanon Barracks Bombing on Oct. 23, 1983. 

Awards or Honors:

VVA # 1046 – Veteran of the Year – 2020 Robert P Adelhelm, Lt Colonel, USMC Retired Vietnam Veterans Chapter #1046 Jacksonville, FL President Anthony D’Aleo – NE FL Vets4Vets – June – 2018 Recognition and Honor Ceremony/Video (To access video press ctrl key and then using your mouse left click on the above link) 
– VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena – Semper Fidelis Society/Vets4Vets Jacksonville, FL

Letter of Recognition To Whom It May Concern: 

I wish to share with you a few of the many points of light, Lt Col Robert Adelhelm, USMC (retired), has displayed in his commitment to serve the Veterans community in Northeast Florida. 

  1. Lt Colonel Bob Adelhelm displays a great love for our Nation’s Freedom. He appreciates the role ALL BRANCHES of our Military have played to make AMERICA the Greatest Nation on the Earth.
  2. He extends unbiased love and fellowship to all persons REGARDLESS of their: Race, Religion, Gender or Political persuasion.
  3. As Chairman, of NE Vets4Vets, in 2016, he SPEARHEADED a “Come Together Day” in the African American community, at the Tru-Way Fellowship Hall. 
  4. In preparation for this event, through his leadership, paint was donated by Home Depot and North Florida Home Builders Assn. The buildings appearance was transformed by that “facelift” and brightened the presence of the community. 

This man’s commitment to serve for the good of Mankind is noteworthy and he is worthy of any HONOR that is bestowed upon him. 
Sincerely, Pastor Elwyn W Jenkins USMC, Vietnam Veteran Tru-Way Church of the Risen Christ, Jacksonville, FL 


In October 1995, after successful completion of 22 years of active duty in the USMC, LtCol Robert “Bob” P. Adelhelm, retired – Honorable discharge. With his final active-duty command being at the USMC Blount Island Command he chose Jacksonville, FL as his official state of residence upon his separation from the Marine Corps and has continuously resided here in Duval County. He continues to use all of his skills of facilitator, instructor, mentor, leader, advisor that was honed in the Marines, as an Amphibious Recon Marine Instructor. During these last 26 years, Bob has steadfastly served our Jacksonville, FL community and its military personnel and veterans. Bob’s love for the USMC and entire veteran community has permeated everything he has touched and left a lasting and permanent mark here in Duval county. 

Born out of his love for the Corps and the ongoing brotherhood of Marines, in 1999 he founded, and was the first President of the Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society. His willingness to continue to serve with honor, courage, commitment, loyalty and faithfulness, shines through daily and inspires and draws not just Marines, but all veterans to contribute to the betterment of the veteran’s community. The JSFS has continued to grow over the years with an active membership and maintains a strong USMC presence in Jacksonville, FL. He is a stalwart supporter of all veteran issues in Duval County and surrounding counties, Baker, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns. 

In 2012, the NE FLVets4Vets Movement was single-handedly created by Bob. He launched this movement with several staunch Marine supporters. He gathered a small group of veterans, some doughnuts and coffee and Vets4Vets was born. Once again, he saw a need and typical for him did something about it. Recognizing that all five branches of our U.S. military missed the camaraderie of those years, he did not wait but instead made something positive happen. He initiated the first gathering of all veteran branches and has not stopped reaching out. Gathering the veterans together quarterly, with the simple premise that it is in their best interest to be informed, connected, organized and united with fellow vets. Bob’s can-do attitude and tenacity has garnered him kudos from many in the city of Jacksonville. As the group outgrew the small meeting room, Bob reached out to the Veterans Memorial Arena (VMA) and asked for use of a private room. Attendance kept growing to 250 vets; and the VMA has continued to host the Vets4Vets gatherings. Bob’s connection with all of the area veterans’ organizations was greatly sought after during the renaming of the Veterans Memorial Arena, his wisdom and insight being invaluable. As a voice of reason and understanding in the veteran’s community, he assisted with the renaming process as Vystar and VMA negotiated . At the present time, VVMA is the showcase for all V4V gatherings. Once again, in need of more space, V4V is now on the Main floor. Attendance at our last gathering on Feb, 29, 2020 was @ 559 vets with 70 military organizations. COVID restrictions caused cancellation of V4V meetings during 2020 however V4V meetings will begin anew on May 1, 2021. 

On June 25, 2016, Tru-Way Church of the Risen Christ, in Northwest Jacksonville hosted a military outreach into the African American community. Spearheaded by LtCol Bob Adelhelm, in conjunction with Vietnam veteran, Sr. Pastor Elwyn W. Jenkins, USMC, and in keeping with the Corps motto “Honor, Courage and Commitment,” these two community leaders joined forces to unite a forgotten section of Duval county. LtCol Adelhelm singlehandedly contacted local military organizations to participate in this outreach. In an effort to draw the community and veterans together, seven veterans’ organizations responded and set up their tents and colors. This successful outreach and BBQ reached 125 individuals and opened up active participation within the community. These veteran organizations not only served the veterans in attendance but also other citizens who needed assistance by completing any task requested of them. This 2016 outreach has caused a renewed interest in bringing divergent groups together and serving the greater good of Jacksonville. Vets and citizens of the outreach attend and support V4V quarterly. 

Bob is a very vocal advocate for bringing awareness to the Hidden Wounds of War (Agent Orange, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for those warriors who have suffered in silence. He actively pursued the city of Jacksonville in 2016 with a petitions drive, television stories and news articles, petitioning and requesting the addition of those who have succumbed to these hidden wounds of war by requesting to have their names added on (back) of the Veterans Memorial Wall. He is the driving force behind getting our fallen warriors added to this Veterans Wall to not only honor their sacrifice but also in hopes of bringing some comfort to their families. He is still working to get this issue recognized and resolved with the names of those Floridians, native to Jacksonville. Inscription to read: “Let their service and sacrifice never be forgotten” is the motto he seeks. 

Organized by LtCol Adelhelm the CCVPC (County Council Veterans President Council) was formed in June, 2017 with the four surrounding counties of Duval. The veteran presidents attended from Duval, Baker, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns, with a total of 15 veteran leaders in attendance. Bob Adelhelm was greatly encouraged as this was the first time a Veterans Council of County Presidents gathered together to discuss organizing as veterans and working toward the future of all veterans in NE FL. He continues to be a key advisor to the Duval Veterans Council and an untiring advocate for all Veterans issues in NE Florida. He is constantly sought out for his wise leadership and counsel. 

Bob Adelhelm’s devotion is to see his Marines remembered and their ultimate sacrifices given for our nation to never be forgotten. Semper Fidelis (always faithful), is apparent in his persistence and selflessness to seeing the completion and dedication of three military monuments to honor them. These monuments have been strategically placed, one, honoring the USMC, at Jacksonville National Cemetery. The second monument is a testimonial in recognition of the unique relationship held by Marines with Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsmen who travel with them into harm’s way. In 2004, he spearheaded the creation, funding, supervision, and placement of this USMC/FMF Corpsman Memorial Monument just inside the entrance to Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, FL and coordinates the yearly celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday, on November 10th each year there. By uniting USMC, USN and fallen family members who have faithfully and continuously attended the memorial service every year. 

LtCol Adelhelm lost his platoon of Marines in the Beirut Barracks Bombing on October 23, 1983 and his experiences in the country of Lebanon have left a long-lasting impression. In 2019, a new monument was placed at Evergreen Cemetery in remembrance and to honor the 241 Marines and military personnel killed in the first overseas act of Terror on that dreadful date in history. Bob supervised the design, creation, funding and placement of this Beirut Memorial Monument at Evergreen Cemetery. This third memorial, (the Beirut monument) is the first in the state of Florida to honor the 22 Floridians lost and only the third in the nation to honor all those killed. All he has endured shapes his willingness to fight for what is due all who served our nation. His compassion is for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, his tenacity to see them remembered in granite and be honored, as well as to bring comfort to their surviving family members. 

LtCol Adelhelm, who was an instructor and mentor for many years to young Marines, organized a Gathering of Young Vets (all branches) at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, (virus protocols in place) in Jan., 2021. This gathering requested by the young veterans and organized by them consisted of over 35 attendees with several round table discussions voicing their concerns for the future of Duval county veterans. Bob has mentored many young and old veterans and he is sought out for his quick wit, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. He sets high standards for himself and those around him and expects them to live up to the USMC motto: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. 

Bob rose to the need of fellow Marines, by assisting local Korean War Veterans with their fundraising, creation and eventual monument placement in 2021 of the first KWV at the JNC. 

Never one to just stand by and wait for something to get done, through his connection to Operation Barnabas, that serves homeless veterans in Orange Park (Clay county), Bob continues to serve by mentoring young veterans who are struggling with PTSD, TBI, and Suicide. 

Personal Recommendation: 

If you want to get information about Veterans issues in Florida, the person to seek out is Bob P. Adelhelm, USMC, as he is absolutely the most knowledgeable person in the North Florida area on Veterans issues. The above highlights of what he has meant to our community is only a small portion of what LtCol Bob Adelhelm USMC (Ret) has done for the veterans and future military leaders of Duval County and surrounding counties. For the last 26 years he has steadfastly dedicated his life to the betterment of the veteran’s community. The fact that he has not previously been recognized for inclusion in the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame is a travesty. He is most enthusiastically recommended by all people who have witnessed his untiring efforts for the veterans of Florida. He has to be one of the most qualified Veterans to be awarded this prestigious honor. 

Ray “Lynn” Seckinger, LtCol (USMC Ret) – President – Semper Fidelis Society, Jacksonville, Florida